Alive (my personal canary)

Given the recent attacks on freedom by various "forces", the uncertain and unpredictable future of specific rights and my growing interest in cryptography I thought it was a good time to build myself a personal canary of sorts.

Every few days I will generate and sign an image (what you're seeing above). These images will always contain the date, time and an unique identifier, these will then be signed with my private key and pushed to github, specifically here. If not updated for a few days (3 or more) you should no longer trust the authenticity of anything later pushed to github, unless a valid signed message is posted here or to my twitter account which addresses the issue. Additionally, contact should be attempted with me asap.

It is important to always check the signature of the generated image. A image alone is NOT a valid sign. It has to be accompanied with a valid signature matching my public key.

How to verify the signature

>> git clone >> cd alive/sign >> gpg --verify verification.png.asc verification.png

This should result in a message confirming the signature, something similar to "Good signature from "Joe McAlister <joe.mcalister(at)>" If this is not the case it should NOT be trusted.


I'm currently performing maintenance on this piece so it will not be signed daily. When this is completed I will post a notice on this page.