Looking for Love


No one needs to be alone.

But finding the right person can take time though, so in the future, there’ll also be other options. In preparation for that, we need your help.

Each available AI character already has a proficient level of communication skills and a personal history. But to progress beyond the basics, they need further training: to learn what’s appropriate, what’s funny, what’s right. It won’t be hard - all you need to do is interact with them on a dating app, as if you were their love interest. Let them practice with you, learn from what you say and do, model their behaviour on yours. Teach them how to love - if you can.

Looking for Love is part modern-day tamagotchi, part interactive fiction, part experiment, which takes place over 2 weeks on your smartphone, culminating in an augmented reality date. As you create a love interest in your own image, what are the limits of what you want to be responsible for? What’s going on in the moments when your creation seems uncannily real? And does it matter that they can’t feel if they know exactly the right thing to say?

Looking for Love is an artwork masquerading as a dating app, which asks questions about personalisation, control and the nature of being human.

More information shortly, currently in development.


  • March 2019
    'Scratch' performance, 40 people, Battersea Arts Centre, London.
  • May 2019
    Closed preview and demo, BBC R&D

Supported by

Looking for Love is supported by Broadway's Near Now Nottingham.


CREATED BY Dan Barnard, Rachel Briscoe & Joe McAlister | ADDITIONAL MATERIAL BY Shireen Mula & Delme Thomas