Webcam Poetry24/7 (2019)

Webcam Poetry24/7 is a continuation of a previous project titled "Webcam Poetry" created in early 2018. Using advanced machine learning and computer vision the program attempts to determine what is happening in one of many live webcams spanning across the globe. Once established (sometimes brilliantly badly) it will generate a short poem based on information it can find about the subject matter online.

This often results in poems that either have a surprising level of depth and are quite captivating or are hilariously vague.

View webcam poetry live at

How does it work?

Using a curated list of webcam streams a random location is picked; next, a frame is captured and put through "Neural Talk 2" which produces a relevant caption and title for the poem. Once titled I use my bespoke natural language tools to parse the title, get subject matter and gather information about it online. When the program has an idea of the topic, I use my poem generating framework to create a short contextually relevant poem.

This poem is then added to my archive and published via the website.

What technology do you use?

The basis for Webcam Poetry 24/7 is a nodejs application. With custom tools written in Python and Bash.

What locations does it currently have?

I'll update this list every time new locations are added, they may be a little sparse at the beginning. It takes a while to add/find them.

Can I save one if I like it?

Yes! Under the map is a link "get sharable link". Click it, this url will always display your poem alongside a still from the webcam.

Why don't the webcams stream on mobile devices?

Companies like Apple block autoplaying videos on mobile devices for a number of reasons, but mainly battery life and advertising. This means it's hard for me to make it work, but I'm working on a solution. In the meantime view the live streams from a laptop.

Do you have a video of it?

I'll make a full video of multiple streams soon, here's a brief tweet in a video though!

Excitement time!! Webcam Poetry 24/7 is now available at a new poem and location every 10 minutes. Here is one of my favourite cams in the US where it's currently snowing ❄ more info at

— J҉o҉e҉ (@portablestorm) December 24, 2018

Past Exhibitions


“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a …webcam?” - Marie Boran, PhD Researcher Dublin City University/Irish Times

Webcam Poetry24/7 is supported by Near Now and Arts Council England